Rainy Parade

We’ve said it to our kids. We’ve said it to our friends. Its been said to us countless amount of times….Don’t let anyone rain on your parade. Right? Well, although the phrase has become quite the cliché and thus put in the back burner, it still holds a great amount of truth. Especially in this journey called motherhood. Boy oh boy, there are a lot of rainy parade days. We are always so able to sit and council our children and friends and family members but why is it so hard for us as mothers to live what we preach? Don’t understand? Let me explain…. Since the birth of your child you have been counting milestones, counting teeth, counting steps, counting meals and even counting words. Yet, throughout it all I bet you felt the need to compare yourself to other mothers and children…right? Don’t deny it. Come on… ALL of us have done it… WE compare. WE even compare ourselves to the supreme actresses who lose all the baby weight in two days. Right?…The question is : Why? Why do we allow others to rain on our parade?

We are all walking this parade of life. However, mothers have an extra struggle because of all the rules and regulations we have to “follow” and also all the comparisons we make if we do/don’t follow the rules and regulations. We are labeled and attacked not only by the media but by fellow mothers… Why?

Well, the why is simple: People are just plain mean. So there is no reason to sit and ponder the reason behind all of it. But rather, its worth sitting and pondering on HOW we mothers deal with it. I have been critiqued for all my choices as a mother. From breastfeeding to baby-led weaning, toys I choose to buy my child, theories I neglect to follow, lessons and morals I teach my child etc. The list goes on. If you care too much then you are an overprotective helicopter mom. If you don’t care, then you are a neglecting loose mother. If you aren’t sure then you are an immature mother….the list of attacks and labels go on… Why? Why do WE choose to live this way. Why labels?

The truth is, everyone has a story. Everyone has a reason for the choice they make, whether it’s a good reason or not, it’s still one worth understanding,. So yes, while I may be overprotective of my child, I also know that she was my biggest blessing. A blessing my husband and I never thought would be possible, given his history of cancer. The mother who chooses to free-range her child may have been free ranged herself. The mother who chose not to breastfeed may have spent night after night with swollen and painful breasts trying to fight through until enough was enough…

Life is tough enough for women, let alone mothers. It’s not fair for parents to constantly live in fear if they are “parenting correctly” cause it’s no one’s business (unless there is harm being done). You have to walk your parade with pride and humility. If anyone puts you down with their labels of you and critiques then it’s better to walk away than linger in bitterness. You are NOT a label. You are a MOTHER. You are NOT a helicopter or tiger or attachment parent (etc). You are simply a parent. You are NOT a textbook. You are a PARENT. You are not a ROBOT. You are a Parent. Let’s put negativity aside and support each other. ‘Cause a parade is much better on a sunny beautiful day.



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